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code of Behaviour

code of behaviour for youth group & youth activities

  • 24:7 Youth Ministry expects that youth will act respectfully to themselves, their Leadership Team and fellow participants.

  • Youth must accept the ground rules of activities which the Leadership Team will clearly explain to them.

  • Youth are expected to participate in all activities unless a member of the Leadership Team has previously been informed about the reason for non-participation.

  • Breaches of discipline and disruptive behaviour, including bullying, will be dealt with in a manner that is fair and transparent, by a Youth Minister and/or Volunteer Leader.

  • A three-stage process will be followed for any breaches of the Code of Behaviour:
    1. A verbal warning from a member of the Leadership Team encouraging the youth to think about their actions;
    2. The young person is asked to change their behaviour and/or sit out of the current activity until they are willing to comply. They will be warned that the next step will lead to a call to parents.
    3. If the young person continues to be disruptive or non-compliant, their parent or guardian is called to take them home. The youth, parents and youth ministers will be involved in this process.

  • Youth, or their parents, who are dissatisfied with any aspect of activities or services can follow a complaints procedure; namely, to inform the Youth Ministers, Support Manager, a member of the Leadership Team or the 24:7 Youth Ministry Director.

    Please note:

  • Parents/Guardians are to ensure drop off and pick up for a youth ministry event is done within the time frame advertised.

  • Leadership Team members are not permitted to give participants a lift to or from activities without written parent permission.

  • Any concerns regarding the welfare and safety of children participating in any 24:7 Youth Ministry activity should be brought immediately to the attention of the 24:7 Youth Ministry Director.

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