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24:7 School Ministry

is a combined work of the Acts 2 College of Mission and Evangelisation and 24:7 Youth Ministry.


It aims to run engaging Reflection Days for schools catering for the Middle School years with a focus on the objectives of the Religious Education programme taught within Catholic Colleges and Primary Schools. 24:7 School Ministry - previously know as Middle School Ministry has been running and rapidly expanding since 2011 and has ministered to thousands of students in this time.

24:7 School Ministry is run alongside Acts 2 College of Mission and Evangelisation, Perth’s only fully registered and accredited Catholic Bible College. The Diploma of Catholic Youth Ministry (11013NAT) course equips students with the skills necessary to assist in the implementation of Reflection Days and running Youth Groups.


The Acts 2 CoME students along with experienced Youth Ministers make up the School Ministry team which conducts Reflections Days for Catholic Colleges and Primary Schools. Mario Borg, lecturer at Acts 2 CoME, with 20 years of teaching experience in Catholic Schools directs the School Ministry.


24:7 SM has developed programmes for retreat and reflection days for students in years 7-8 based on the religious education programme taught in Western Australian colleges. Sacramental Retreat Days have also been developed for implementation within Catholic Primary Schools.


"I learnt about my school and the Church and why these along with my family form the foundations for life!"

Community in Christ Reflection Day - Yr 8


"I enjoyed the retreat day because it helped me learn the true meaning of Communion while being fun at the same time."

Communion Reflection Day - Yr 4


"Today I learnt all about teamwork and how everyone nees to work together for a result. I also learnt about the importance of family and how strong our Church and faith are!"

Community in Christ Reflection Day - Yr 8


"We watched some funny video clips that helped us to do each of the activities. We discovered the true meaning of the special Sacraments. Please come back soon for our Confirmation."

Communion Reflection Day - Yr 4



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