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Acts 2 College of Mission and Evangelisation is Perth's Catholic Ministry Training College. It is a nationally registered training organisation offering a Diploma in Youth Ministry, Certificate IV in Christian Ministry, Certificate IV in Screen and Media, Certificate III in Christian Leadership and Certificate I & II in Active Volunteering. 


All of 24:7 Youth Ministers are graduates of Acts 2 College of Mission & Evangelisation. 


The College aims to form adults, young and old, to be missionary in their whole being - in their actions and words - so that by the end of the year’s experience they can form others to evangelise, while continuing to pursue their professional, academic and family life.


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Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community


In various parts of the world God has raised up Covenant Communities in the work of His Holy Spirit from the Charismatic Renewal.


A Covenant Community is a group of Christians who have been led by the Lord to bind themselves to Him and also one another in the form of public commitment. Its call is to live a Christian lifestyle, in family and single life, through openness to the charismatic gifts, worship and prayer, sharing and teaching, and support for one another.


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Youth Mission Team Australia is an Australia wide organisation which runs retreat days in high schools. The Youth Mission Team is quite unique because Team Members are young people themselves, so can relate as peers, and they present a faith that is heartfelt and relevant to teenager’s everyday lives.


There are four Teams around the Country... Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Wollongong. Their primary mission is to school ministry (running retreats) but also includes running follow up such as iSTAND Weekends and 24:7 Youth Ministry is proud to have the YMT as part of the leadership team.


Each YMT is made up of 5 to 8 Team members who are:

- Aged between 18 and 30.

- Passionate about bringing hope to young Australians.

- Young people who evidence a personal relationship with God.

- Young people of outstanding character.

- Willing to defer study or career to volunteer one year full time to youth ministry.

- Able to relate to students as peers and role models.

- Living examples of what it is like to live out a three dimensional faith that is exciting, heartfelt, and a secure foundation for life.

- Able to share first hand their own experiences, of how God helps them deal with the everyday issues teenagers face.


Team members commit to live a radical, common life style of prayer, simplicity and mission for one year at a time. They share a house together, begin and end each day with prayer at 6am and 10pm, attend daily Mass, embrace a single vision, spend time each day in worship and personal time with the Lord and are pastorally and spiritually mentored throughout the year.


Team members also spend two days a week in the regular workforce and pool their wages to cover their basic living expenses, leaving themselves an allowance of just $25 a week. Wednesday to Sunday is then available for full time ministry.


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